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  • Romans - How Two People So Different Can Have the Same Faith

    Our textual study through the book of Romans begins in September and will take us into the winter of 2018. 

    • #1 Romans - An Introduction to Jews & Gentiles - Class Sheet
    • #2 - Romans 1:8-32 - Not Ashamed of the Gospel - Class Sheet
    • #4 - Romans 4 - Who's Your Daddy? - Class Sheet
    • #5 - Romans 5 - You are what he ate - Class Sheet
    • #6 - Romans 6 - Shall we sin?  No!!! - Class Sheet
    • #6a - Scripture describing levels of comparison of sin, punishment, works, and rewards. Sheet
  • Early Church Writings 90AD-400AD

    We're looking at what happened in the church in the early years in an effort to compare and know our Holy Scripture better. 

  • Psalms Class - Wednesday PM Annex

    Psalms Categories Excel Listing

    Introductory Video

    01 - Psalms Opening - 04/18

    02 - Psalms of Thanksgiving - 04/25

    03 - Psalms of Lament 05/02 - New Song of Lament from Psalm 42 "As The Deer Thirsts"

  • Deuteronomy and Me: "What's Love got to do with it?"

    Time: 6:30pm                Location: Annex Building                Starting: 9/27/17 - 4/11/18

    Teacher: Topher

    Description:  I've had people say the God of the Old Testament doesn't match well with the Loving Jesus of the New Testament.  Maybe you've heard it too.  Then again, I find love mentioned 15 times in this "second law."  Let's dig into Deuteronomy to find out the truth about God, the Messiah, and Love!   Check out an intro video here:  The BIBLE Project

  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs: Seven Deep Miracles

    I AM: Seven Statements in John

    Time: 9am                     Location: Auditorium                     Starting: 10/1/17

    Teacher: Topher

    Description: There are seven miracles that dig deep into the truth of who Jesus really is.  Let's dig deep in discussion of the truly miraculous moments in the Gospel of John!  Read in advance and be ready to share your faith in the Christ who was about more than just Miracles!

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