History of Central Church of Christ

150 Years

150th Video on September 24, 2017

The Central Church of Christ began meeting as a congregation in September, 1867 – two years after the end of the Civil War. Central became the first Church of Christ in Sparta and the second in White County (Cherry Creek Church of Christ began in 1820).

Central is connected to the American Restoration Movement. This movement began before 1800, and was the result of rampant sectarianism and divisiveness, dissatisfaction with human creeds, the ignorance and arrogance of clergy, and the Calvinistic doctrine of hereditary total depravity. A small group of believers in Sparta felt the need to leave man-made “Christianity” and return to the simplicity and purity of New Testament Christianity. They believed that unity with their denominational friends could be achieved only through the restoration of 1st century Christianity. Their emphasis on going back to the Bible was not intended to establish another denomination, but rather to return to the original church we read about in the Bible.

Digital version of our 150th Celebration Book

For almost 150 years the Central church has served Sparta, White County and the world in many ways.

We have conducted some 25,000 worship services since 1867. We seek to provide a worship experience for all generations that celebrates God’s presence and energizes everyone in White County to live like Christ.

We have served the physical and spiritual needs of countless people and organizations. We seek to be a church with caring hearts, serving Jesus by serving those in need.

We have maintained a family atmosphere. We strive for all members of God’s family to live and work together in love and harmony.

We have provided quality Christian education to thousands of students. We seek to be a church that reveres God’s Word, hungering to learn while loving and living like Jesus.

We have shared the gospel with souls in Sparta, White County, and almost every continent in the world. We seek to be a church with a passion for sharing the good news with all the world.

With God’s help, Central has overcome enormous obstacles over the years. These obstacles have not defeated us but have strengthened our faith. God can turn our messes into his message.

We look at the next 150 years with hope. We see a place where young families can feel at home and be encouraged; a place where worship is genuine, relevant, and uplifting; a place where we are unbound by legalism and guided by God’s Word.

We want to be a church “where Christ is Central.”

Today, we strive to practice basic, Christ-centered principles: 

  • Tell the story of Christ. 
  • Follow the Word of Christ. 
  • Have no creed but Christ. 
  • Find salvation in Christ
  • Live the lifestyle of Christ. 
  • Show the love of Christ. 
  • Wear the name of Christ.  
  • Enjoy freedom in Christ. 
  • Enjoy the worship of Christ. 
  • Enjoy the fellowship of Christ.  
  • Be the family of Christ.  
  • Submit to the authority of Christ. 
  • Maintain unity in Christ. 
  • Know the Father through Christ. 
  • Carry out the mission of Christ.